Driveway Cleaning in London DRIVEWAY JET CLEANING

Over time driveways can become unsightly and slippery, making the area unsafe to walk on due to the build up of weeds, moss and algae. Your driveway is the first part of your home people see. If you get your driveway cleaned it will it will make a huge difference to the overall appearance of your property.

Our machinery is designed to tackle this with ease, cleaning and removing debris and algae. We achieve amazing results - everytime!

Keeping your driveway maintained increases the value of your property. So whether you are selling your property or just want your driveway cleanied and freshened up, look no further and book in with London Jet Cleaning.

Sealing of block paving

An additional finish we can provide for your block paving is the application of a hard wearing acrylic copolymer sealant. The advantage of applying a sealant to the block paving following a high pressure clean is that it serves to suppress further weed growth, preventing loss of jointing sand and resist oil and grease staining. The sealant is applied using a low pressure spray and is available in a silk, matt and gloss finish. Sealants enhances natural colours, increase driveway lifespan, reduce further deterioration and future maintenance

Sanding of block paving

In addition to the high pressure clean we can deep clean and rejoin any block paved area. By vibrating the blocks prior to cleaning, ground in dirt, grime and weeds are rattled free and simply washed away with the high pressure clean that follows. Once this has been done, the area is brushed with fine kiln dried sand to replenish joints and rejoin the paving, giving the area a brand new look.

Oil Stain & chewing gum removal

It is possible that your block paved driveway has become oil stained and the removal of such stains becomes increasingly difficult the longer they are left untreated. By applying a pre-wash oil and grease removing agent, we are able to remove 95% of all oil stains and chewing gum and can provide the replacement of any blocks that are resistant to this method of stain removal. Removals of Chewing gum, Oil, Diesel or Rust stains are charged extra

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